School Surveys

At the end of 2015, we established this organization to provide Authentic Connections Groups (ACG) for moms and women. In the Winter of 2017, we decided to broaden our scope to improve well-being in High Achieving Schools (HAS). Since then, we’re delighted to say that demand for both lines of work has increased greatly, with your support!

As we seek to scale our team efficiently to meet rising demand, we’ve established a new company, Authentic Connections Co, which will be focused exclusively on HAS. Continuing in their respective roles, Nina Kumar will serve as CEO of the new company and Suniya Luthar will lead research and school presentations.

And with this separation of entities, ACG will focus on the organization’s original mission -- to provide support groups for mothers in their workplaces and communities. Cited by the National Academies’ as a model program, AC Groups are increasingly offered in many parts of the country.

We are deeply grateful to our collaborators and friends for the interest in our work, and look forward to continued growth of both HAS and ACG in the years ahead. Many thanks to all from our entire team!