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Join us in helping to maximizing individuals' personal well-being and resilience in their communities, schools, and work settings.

High Achieving Schools

Schedule a Discussion

Schedule a discussion by Dr. Suniya Luthar on resilience and how it is best fostered in high-stress settings, including background, procedures, and documented benefits of Authentic Connections Groups.

Set up data collection

Engage the Luthar Lab to collect data in your own school or organization. The team will provide a summary of results including comparisons to national norms and to other similar communities, and data-based actionable feedback for change.

Authentic Connections Groups

If you’re experienced in working with groups and have a high stress population in mind, you can get trained and supervised in implementing the ACG method
If you’re a graduate student in a helping discipline (e.g., Clinical, Counseling or School Psychology: Nursing; Social Work), you can learn the ACG method by enrolling in the ASU practicum course.
Submit the form in the link above to request to participate in an Authentic Connections Group near you.

Donate to Authentic Connections

Donate to Authentic Connections to support payments for group facilitators, participant incentives, and research staff.

Apply for a Research Staff Position

Become a member of the Luthar Lab to support data collection and analysis. Graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and other collaborators are welcome.