We are committed to fostering the well-being of youth who are ostensibly "privileged" but in fact can be in great distress, many at risk for serious problems over time. 

Research as shown that students growing up in highly achieving schools represent an "at-risk" group: Across diverse samples, they have shown significantly greater substance use and distress relative to national norms. These findings have been replicated across diverse settings -- in public and private schools, in cities and in suburbs, and in different parts of the country. Over time, these high levels of stress and distress can have serious consequences, including self-harm and addiction. 

Currently, this programmatic research is focused on understanding how salient aspects of school climate, and of parent-child relationships, can best be modified in order to maximize the well-being of youth and of the adults who care for them. This work involves ongoing collaborations with high-achieving day and boarding schools across the country.

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High-Achieving Schools

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